Thursday, July 31, 2014

An Italian Mystery

The Proof

Cheryl Colwell

Shrouded in mystery, a precious relic known as Il Testamento, or The Proof, circulated among the early Christians for centuries. Before their deaths, its guardians hid it from their adversaries, leaving only a crude map of its location. 

For centuries, it lay in darkness. Until now. Reports of its existence have resurfaced, inciting an ancient rivalry between a ruthless group that seeks to destroy it, and a secret association that lusts for its power. 

Summoned to Siena by a grandfather he has never met, Gabriel Dolcini is thrust into a dark maze of danger. And into his divine destiny.

     I really enjoyed this book. It is so different then the books I usually read. It had so many duplicitous characters just as in real life motives aren't always pure or clear. Our belief system generally regards Islam as our biggest opposition, but this book makes an intriguing if not subtle point. Our greatest hindrance is often the existence of opposing factions and the desire for mainstream culture to have some say over the matters of Christ.I think that the point comes across in a ddelightfully teasing manner. 

     As for the plot itself, it is set in a fairly short period of time and it all happens so quickly. The characters take a bit of getting used to but once you come to know them they are rather like family. They may have annoying faults, but you cannot help but want to be around them. I did find this book really frustrating because you don't know what the reason behind everything I'd until practically the last chapter. Honestly I was like ugh! I wanted so badly to know what the proof is and at times not k owing what it was just made itconfusing . However, if you don't mind being confused for just a little.bit then it is certainly worth the three hundred and thirty pages. Also, it is only two dollars on the Kindle, I could not say the price of any other eBook. 

I do apologize for any mistakes that may appear. I wrote this review on a rather disobedient tablet. Happy Reading . 

I received a complimentary copy of this book I exchange for my honest review. 

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