Saturday, April 20, 2013

Candy Making Competitors

Unrivaled by Siri Mitchell
Candy Making. Just what the rest of us want to spend the rest of our lives involved in. Well, Lucy gets to spend the rest of her life doing it. Well, if she wasn't female in a male dominated society. So maybe. She's just gotten back from a tour of Europe, and boy was it inspiring. Ready to make her impact on the candy making world, she is thoroughly disappointed when she realizes her father's candy making business is quickly running down the toilet. Eager to restart her sick father's company Lucy is willing to do whatever it takes.
Charlie is from Chicago. With his deadbeat dad out of the picture, he has struggled to support his family. He finally finds a way working for the mob. When his work causes him to get into trouble, he is sponsored and sent to his father, who has offered to give him a job. After Charlie's father walked out on them all those years ago, he has started a very successful candy making business, the same business Lucy is trying to fight. Charlie takes the job planning to do the same thing to his father that his father did to him all those years ago, leave him in the lurch.
So according to every cliché and stereotype known to man, these two fall in love. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love clichés and stereotypes and was pleasantly surprised to see this book do it so much better. They don't know... and then funny things are said out loud... and then they know... and then they hate each other... and then they make up... and then they live happily ever after. Easily wonderful.
But Siri Mitchell, she just does it so much better than any Grimm fairy tale. When you watch a really good movie, or read a really good book and you know the minute you read the description on the back and know the end, how you don't really mind because it was good, but want a different kind of ending. Well, let me assure you. This book is just as good (if not better) than any one of those, and the you'll think you know the ending ahead of time, but once you get there... you'll be like WHOA! I totally did not expect that and then really enjoy that ending.
This book portrays how real life was. She gives you the basic historical facts and settings (even the romance genre manages that much), and on top of that you are blessed with real life possibilities. Realistic choices that anyone would make, and that keep you coming back for more.
Siri Mitchell has also written Love's Pursuit, The Messenger, A Heart Most Worthy, She Walks in Beauty, and A Constant Heart. She is a must go to for historical fiction.
P.S. In exchange for a review (good or bad) Bethany House Publishers has graciously given me a copy of this wonderful book.