Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Tailor Made Bride

       A Tailor Made Bride, another wonderful book by Karen Witemeyer. J.T. Tucker, poor man named after Jericho, the one city that was crushed in such a boring way. J.T. is everything Jericho was before the walls came tumbling down; strong, impenetrable and of course extremely good looking. One of Jericho's faults is his grudge against the one woman who should have loved him with no reserve. His Mother! All of J.T.'s faults lie in that deep dark pit somewhere in his tummy where his Mom's love is supposed to lie. Mother, a terrible younger woman who had an unhealthy obsession with fashion, and then when Father couldn't fufill her greed she ran off. So what does he blame for lack of a mother, fashion. Fashion, so what does that tell you about who he is going to fall in love with? A woman who makes her living in fashion.

      Hannah Richards, beautiful and determined, has worked hard to become the seamstress she is today. And now is no where Texas, she has decided to open up a shop to cater to the backwater inhabitants. Woohoo, she didn't really think that one through, did she? Definetly, not the best decision that could have been made, but she made it work. She befriended the practically homeless man, cleaned up her shop so it is nice and spiffy and is on great terms with her kind of neighbor, the washer woman Louise. Despite Hannah's wonderful good luck, ugly circumstances come up. J.T. with the hole in his tummy, has an issue and doesn't have a problem venting his feelings. Not that he isn't perfectly gentelmently, of course he is (when it counts), but... there is a rocky relationship.

       J.T. has a beautiful sister, who might be a little out of shape and lacking in fashion sense (but when J.T. is the guiding presence in your life, would you be a trend-setter? I think not.). But J.T.'s sister, has a huge crush on the guy who works at the train station. Who better to help her (J.T.'s sister) than Hannah Richards. Her brother's archenemy. So with Hannah roped into the scheme, there is exersizing and fashionizing. Wonderful, just another way Hannah is making an awesome impression on her true love (j.k.). My point is made. Hannah helps J.T.'s sister with an unwelcome beau, and helps her snare the right one at the county celebration. Hannah and J.T. get all lovey, with J.T. having a moment getting over his tummy hole. Beautifully written by the way. Lovely Biblical Interpretation, I was impressed. So with that over, very little is left.

     They overcome a lovely, but shallow villian, and declare their love for another and they live happily ever after. They book is well written and some of the twists, totally not predictable for those of you who get really hung up on predictability. Personally, I don't recgonize the point of predictability be it there or not. I don't care, I am only here to enjoy the lovely ending of a well written story. There. Good Book. If you happen to be bored, pray that your library is the size of a mouse and go check it out!